Midwest Open Relating Extravaganza!
July 28- 30 2017

Hosted By

Sponsored in parts by

Cincinnati Polyamory Meetup
Open Hearts OH


Staybridge Suites at the Ohio State University
3045 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43202
614-262-6900 Mention OPEN HEARTS when making reservations

Over the course of this weekend we will provide a number of social and educational events for those who identify as polyamorous, kinky, swinger, non-monogamous, open, or in some other way practicing an alternative relationship style to default prescriptive monogamy.  

This event is a collaborative event.  The primary host organization and sponsor is the Relationship Equality Foundation. Other organizations that want to support our event or love what we do are welcome to buy in to the event at the amount of $50 per organization, or commit to helping supply one of our major needs for the Saturday afternoon picnic or Saturday night party event.  Organizations that buy in will be welcome to bring any materials they would like to distribute during the picnic, and we will include their logo and mention them in our advertisements about the event.  Thanks for supporting this new event!  

For all MORE events, consent is one of our paramount values.  This event is intended to socialize, build community, and learn.  We recognize that flirting and building of new connections happens, especially at the Club Princeton events, but we ask all our attendees to be respectful, to pay attention to the body language and tone of the people they approach, and to always ask before touching another person in any way if you don’t already have that person’s consent to be touched.

Below is a tentative schedule for the weekend.  Times and venues are subject to change  Please stay posted as we draw closer to the event and finalize our schedule.


Friday 7/28
 Family Arcade Night

  • Come join us for a night of family-friendly fun at Magic Mountain Polaris.  There are many attractions available for you to join in and these can be great fun for adults and children of all ages!  There is no baseline entry fee required, although attendees will be responsible for purchasing their own food, drink, and attractions at their discretion.  Parents will remain responsible for their children for the duration of this event.  This is a large club and MORE is not providing child care.
  • Where: Magic Mountain Polaris
  • When: 7PM until the venue closes at 1AM.
  • Who: Anybody!  Please make sure to closely supervise your own children.
  • Cost: Up to you.  Please see venue website for pricing of various attractions, including arcade game tokens, mini-golf, and go-karts, among other things.
  • Food: Must be purchased at the venue.
  • Drinks: Must be purchased at the venue.
  • Parking: Venue has its own large private lot with ample parking.
  • Other: Our group will not have a central meeting location at this venue.  At this time we intend to buy wristbands to help us recognize one another, but we do not have any exclusive party space.  We’re just gathering to have some fun!  Please contact the host if you have any questions or don’t think you will recognize anyone from the group.



Saturday 7/29

  • Where: Highbanks Metro Park, Mansion Shelter – 9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH (please follow signs in the park for the Mansion Shelter once you arrive).
  • When: 2:00PM-6:00PM
  • Who: Everybody!  This event is family friendly and people of all ages are welcome.
  • Cost: $0
  • Dress Code: Comfortable summer wear that follows Ohio laws.
  • Food: Please bring a dish to share.  Please let us know what you are bringing in advance using this tool ( so that we can avoid oversaturation with certain types of dishes.  Please clearly label all ingredients in your food to be accommodating to those with dietary restrictions and food sensitivities.
  • Drinks: A variety of beverages will be provided by this event, but you are welcome to bring your own soft drinks if you have strong preferences for something.  NO ALCOHOL.
  • Parking: The Mansion Shelter has its own parking lot.  There may be additional parking around the Highbanks Park if we run out of room.
  • Other: Our shelter is in a shaded area with a fire pit, a playground, and an indoor restroom shared with another nearby shelter.  Please bring sunscreen or bug spray per your own judgment.


Princeton MORE Dance Party- Adults Only 

MORE will be hosting an exclusive dance party upstairs in Club Princeton.  Stay tuned for more details on a party theme!

  • Where: Upstairs Club Princeton – 425 S Princeton Ave, Columbus, OH (please see website for directions, Google will fail you).
  • When: 8:00PM until the club closes, usually around 1:30 or 2:00AM.
  • Who: Adults 21 years and older.
  • Cost: $15 per person before 9PM, $20 per person after 9PM.
  • Dress Code: In theme if you would like, otherwise whatever is comfortable.
  • Food: Pizza and snacks are provided by the club.
  • Drinks: This club is a bring-your-own drinks club.  Mixers are provided and the club staff will keep them cold and help serve them for you.
  • Parking: The club has ample parking space provided. 
  • Other: Please register at the club website before you come out.  This will cut down your time in line at the door.  You DO NOT need to make any membership payments online.  The door fee includes a one-night membership.



7/30 Events
Group Discussion Time at The Columbus Space

    • Come wrap up the event at The Columbus Space for Alternative Self-Expression, where you will get an opportunity to discuss relationship questions, strategies, concerns, and stories with other members of the group.  Instead of having presenters, we invite you to bring your own topics, and we will split up into various smaller discussion groups based on what people are interested in talking about that day.
    • Where: The Columbus Space
    • When: 12PM-4PM
    • Who: Adults ages 19+ only.
    • Cost: Free, although you are welcome to make donations to REF, the host organization, to help sponsor more events like this.
    • Food: MORE will provide some light snacks.
    • Drinks: MORE will provide some refreshments.
    • Parking: Venue has its own parking lot.

If you like this event and others like it and would like to see more of this please feel free to make a donation to REF or Join Today to help us provide things like this in the future!

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