Beyond the Love Poly Summit Posted November 16, 2016 by refadmin


Beyond the love Poly Summit was this past weekend in Columbus Ohio and we had a GREAT time. BTL2016 was attended by approximately 250 individuals from all different walks of the consensual non-monogamous community.   REF had a strong presence there with our Vice-President Billy Holder, and one of our Outreach Reps Kitty Chambliss as two of the presenters.  Each providing 2 talks during the weekend.   We also sponsored the Morning Pastries and snacks as folks woke up.  Additionally we hosted a table to interact with individuals and discuss our programs and opportunities for others to join and help make a difference in their own communities.  While at our table we had the opportunity to meet with nearly 20 people face to face.  We talked about all our programs and initiatives, at one point there was a line 3 deep to talk to us.  This was very validating for the work we are doing and our organization.  We gained 5 new members at the conference and a lots more interest!  Additionally we gained one community organization supporter and the attention of additional organizations who may join us in the near future.

We are so happy and thankful to the folks at Beyond the Love for giving us a spot to set up and talk.  They put on a great conference and I hope we can make it back next year as well. We could not have  asked for a better way to close out the 2016 convention/conference circuit for us than by hitting and surpassing our annual membership goal! But having met it so early on in the year means we must now expand it!  can we double our membership in the next 8 months?  can 20 additional people join between now and next June.

If you were waiting or wondering when was a good time, to join or how you can support your community,   NOW is the time.  Join today for as little as $10.00 a month and get the benefits of not only membership to REF but the knowledge that you are promoting awareness and education efforts directly tied to the consensual non-monogamous community.  Be it helping send speakers to Sex Week at Univ. of North Florida  or hosting the CE Workshops for mental health providers or any number of the other programs we are coming up with,  your contribution stays here, in the CNM community.  Also,  if you do decide to join,  your employer may match a percentage, or all of your contribution,  how awesome is that?!!! Its like double the power of your donation or membership!  Sign up today, be a member and help us spread the word and knowledge about Consensual Non-monogamy with as many as we can. Acceptance starts with Education.
Thanks again to Kitty and to the Staff and organizers of Beyond the Love,  and to all the attendees that helped make the event incredible!  See you art the next one!

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