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Relationship Equality Foundation is run by individuals directly from the communities they serve.  These individuals dedicate their time,energy, and passion to advance a cause that effects all those around them.  This team is dedicated to the acceptance of all relationship structures.

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Board of Directors

Director-Misty Rivers 2019-2021

Misty found polyamory in 2005 while on the journey to find what kind of relationship dynamic worked best for her.  She is has been apart of the community since that time.  Misty is very passionate about the community.

 Director – Joreth Innkeeper 2018-2021 & 2015 – 2018

Joreth discovered the word “polyamory” back in 1998 when it suddenly dawned on her that she was terrible at monogamy.  She has since become a poly community organizer, a poly activist, a poly advice columnist, a poly movie reviewer, a media trainer and lecturer on polyamory and intersectional topics, and a formidable internet flame warrior focusing on defending ethics and the values of polyamory and poly relationships.  Her current network configuration is that of a sprawling inclusive poly web that spans 3 countries on 2 continents, in which Joreth practices solo poly with several deeply intimate long-term partners.
Joreth‘s uses female pronouns like she and her but male titles like sir and cameraman (her profession), however male pronouns are also acceptable while female titles are not.  Her gender identity is complex, so ask her about it if you’re curious.Joreth is not everyone’s cuppa tea, but it’s guaranteed that interacting with her will be an experience!

Director – Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke 2017 -2020
Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke has three degrees in human sexuality studies: a Bachelors of Art in Sexuality, Culture and Oppression from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, a Masters in Education of Human Sexuality and Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Zelaika has also studied internationally in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Trinidad, Jamaica, Netherlands, Barcelona, and Cuba.Dr. Clarke’s cross-cultural doctoral dissertation focused on Ò̩ṣunality, a decolonial paradigm that affirms sexual pleasures and African eroticism.  Dr. Clarke is a sexuality educator, consultant, and counselor with a specialization in gender and relational diversity, cultural sexology, sexosophy, sexual epistemology, sexecology and decolonization. Dr. Clarke is a member the Gamma Eta Rho Human Sexuality Honor Society, Women of Color Sexual Health Network, the Society of Black Scholars in Human Sexuality and the Association of Black Sexologist and Clinicians.  Dr. Clarke is currently a social worker at the D.C. Center for LGBT community.

Director – Tracey Brown 2017-2020
Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Tracey Brown is a proud Queer Poly Black mental health activist, organizer, and survivor. Tracey graduated from University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2009 with a dual degree in Psychology (Community & Cultural focus) and American Studies. When Tracey returned to New Orleans, she became involved in various social justice endeavors such as bike accessibility, food justice, anti-racism work, housing justice, and anything else she could get involved in to help create accountability to and visibility of the local POC community. Some of these undertakings included serving local POC youth as a Mental Health Specialist, presenting at APW on abuse in POC poly relationships, being a part of the organizing committee and local team for Anarchist People of Color Convergence in New Orleans, touring with POC Zine Project, and co-facilitating a safe space through the “Ladies, Trans, & Sissies Night” with the New Orleans Community Bike Project. Tracey also regularly speaks at universities and community spaces nationwide about POC mental health, relationship dynamics, and polyamory while she prepares to apply to graduate school, in order to obtain her Master’s degree in Community and Clinical Psychology. Tracey is the founder of “Queer Poly Womin of Color” Group, which is support and resource group online for queer womin (‘i’ meaning transwomen, transmen, and gender non-conforming individuals are welcome).

Director – Christopher N. Smith 2019- 2022 & 2018-2019
Christopher N. Smith is a relationship researcher focused on consensual non-monogamous relationship trends in current and historical contexts. His prior education includes doctoral studies in Sociology with a concentration in Social Inequalities and Criminology; a Master of Arts in Religious Studies with a concentration in Religion and Society; and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from Howard University. Mr. Smith has extensive experience within the education, human services and criminal justice sectors. Currently he is a Classification Specialist for the District of Columbia and in the United States Air Force Reserves. He is an educator, community builder,  father, relationship advocate and passionate about increasing awareness of and support for non-monogamous relationship structures in the United States.



Vice President-OPEN POSITION



Outreach Representatives

Kitty Chambliss

Bob Ritchey

Program Coordinators

Open Position, Director Atlanta Poly Weekend- Atlanta GA
Rivanna Jihan, Director Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference-  Chicago IL
Kate Kincaid- SouthWest Love Fest – Tucson AZ

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