2nd Quarter Kickoff! Posted October 4, 2016 by refadmin


Our first quarter was action packed and loaded with tons of event appearances, sponsorships, and new opportunities.  We can only hope that the 2nd quarter will be just as exciting!

To kick things off I want to welcome to the team our newest Outreach Representative Kitty Chambliss!!  Kitty will be joining our Outreach team attending events and helping spread the word about REF, our work as well as education individuals on Polyamory and Nonmonogamy.  Kitty is a podcaster and blogger at Loving Without Boundaries.  Welcome aboard!  Kitty will be making her First official REF appearance at our next scheduled event stop.

Speaking of which,  is my next topic!  We have a few stops planned this quarter as we go into holiday season, conferences tend to slow a little. However we did spend our first day in this quarter at a conference.  Our Vice President , Billy Holder, was invited to attend the Association of Black Clinicians and Sexologists Conference in Ft. Lauderdale FL to sit on a panel discussion about White Supremacy and White Privilege in our communities.  Billy came back and had this to say about his experience.
” It was very eye-opening being the only one in a room that looked like me. The classes were taught by some of the most intelligent people I have ever met in my life.   I gained a whole new perspective from which to view the world. As for the panel discussion, it was fantastic and well rounded by age, education and race.  We interacted as one community with the audience to talk about the problems, and start thinking about solutions.  Im very happy to say that the discussion was very positive and I feel that everyone in the room had their voice heard. Hopefully going forward we can build new friendships and forge a path where all people are truly equally respected by their fellow human being. ”  We would like to thank Dr. James Wadley of Lincoln University for the invitation to attend this and to all the panelists and attendees for welcoming the conversation.

Coming up in Columbus Ohio,  Beyond the Love.  We will have 2 Outreach reps present at this event. both Billy and Kitty will be present. Both will also be giving classes Billy will be doing his classes on “Coming out Poly (or anything really)” and “A passive Activist”. Kitty will be teaching about “The Effects of Breakups on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners” AND “The Effects of “The Poly Closet” on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners” . We will also have information, and memberships available.  Just look for our banner and we will be near by!

After that our other outreach representative, Bob Ritchey, will be heading to HUNGRY!  Yes the country!  For the Hungarian BDSM Conference! This is a wonderful opportunity to connect our organization to an international community! Bob has been doing a lot of the first quarter work traveling around on his teaching circuit talking about REF to everyone he can.   Bob has been very active participating and educating folks in the BDSM/ Kink community.  We look forward to more classes and adventures with Bob!

As always we will be on the look out for organizations and events to support.  And we are launching a brand new program this quarter.  The Community Spotlight Program!  Here we will highlight community organizations, groups, or individuals who are working in the community to make a difference.  In this program our intent is to showcase and highlight groups that may not get the spotlight often enough for their cause to be well known or seen.  We cant wait to see all the great groups that get involved.  Learn more here!

That will just about round it out for now.  We will have recaps, of course, from all the events. And if something major breaks loose we will let you know!

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