Relationship Equality Foundation Inc., to Host Mental Health Workshop for Providers.
WHEN:   March 12, 2016
WHERE: Phillip Rush Center Community Annex Event Room 1530 Dekalb Ave Atlanta GA. 8:30AM – 5:30 PM
This event is designed to educate mental health professionals in the areas of sexual, gender and relational diversity – specifically alternative relationship structures and contracts that may also interact with considerations of relational attraction, sexual identity and gender expression.  The sponsoring organization, the Relationship Equality Foundation, has observed that despite efforts to maintain generally non-judgemental attitudes, most mental health professionals know so little about this area that their responses to clients who “come out” to them in session can range from off-putting surprise to a disapproval that has significantly reduced the likelihood that community members will seek mental health services in the future.  In short – reactions of therapists have anecdotally even done damage to clients, and certainly have created barriers to future treatment.  We hope to prevent these experiences by educating mental health professionals about the diversity of relationship constructions that may walk into their office, and to offer practical advice for treating these clients.  The event will be divided into morning and afternoon sections – the morning dealing with theory and ethics, and the afternoon presenting practical considerations for therapeutic interactions.  Presenters have been (or are being) selected from local professionals with experience in treating these populations, many with involvement and national exposure in the development of ethical non-monogamy and mental health standards in this area.
This workshop will have six classes and provide six CEs to those who attend both the morning and the afternoon sessions. The morning session focuses on information and ethics, and will provide two Theory CEs and one Ethics CE of practicing with alternative relationship clients. The afternoon session will cover the practical application of ethical practice with clients in alternative relationships and provides two Ethics CEs and one Practical Application CE. There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day with a catered lunch for all registered FULL DAY participants.
Sponsors include:
The Health Initiative, Charis Books and More, and Atlanta Poly Inc.
CE’s approved by : The Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, The Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work, and The Georgia Psychological Association
This event is open to the public,  reserve your seat now, limited seating available.  Sign up here  https://relationshipequalityfoundation.org/workshop-registration/
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