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From the Daily Dot …


Miley Cyrus founds Happy Hippie Foundation :

To announce the Happy Hippie Foundation, Cyrus held a concert in her own backyard that featured transgender punk pioneer Laura Jane Grace and every lesbian’s favorite rocker, Joan Jett. Jett and Cyrus sang the song “Different,” their raspy, grunge-y vocals interspersing stanzas.

Have you ever taken flak from the bullies on attack ’cause you’re different
They laugh and call you names but that ain’t no badge of shame just ’cause you’re different
People gonna stare, you unsettle them and scare ’em ’cause we’re different
Walking down the street, when you pass they take a peek there’s something different.

Cyrus came out as queer (or at least, non-straight) just yesterday in an interview with the Associated Press, telling a reporter that not all of her romantic relationships have been heterosexual. But when she stated today that she also doesn’t identify with any particular gender, suddenly so much about Cyrus just made sense.

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Thanks for supporting Relationship Choice Miley! Be real be you!



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