Community Spotlight Program

Welcome to our Community Spotlight page!  Here we will highlight community organizations, groups, or individuals who are working in the community to make a difference.   To nominate an entity, please click here.*

1st Quarter Spotlight Program Shines on :


Started as an interview series for polyamorous people, Poly Role Models addresses a breakdown in the way our communities are represented. Featuring perfectly flawed and wonderfully unique individuals, the blog asks contributors to share what they do well and what they struggle through during their polyamorous adventures.

Most importantly, the blog centers the voices of people in underrepresented relationship structures and from traditionally marginalized communities. Writers explain how their race or gender or sexuality or disability status or religion impacts the way they practice their polyamory. The blog is a resource for those seeking a diverse perspective on real life polyamory.

For more information please visit their website .





*Entities are not required to apply for or be nominated recognition.  REF may choose those that have not applied.  In which case we may contact those organizers and ask for the information required.
Applying, nomination, or other voluntary submitting of information is not a guarantee to be accepted or promoted via the program.


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