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Relationship Equality Foundation is run by individuals directly from the communities they serve.  These individuals dedicate their time,energy, and passion to advance a cause that effects all those around them.  This team is dedicated to the acceptance of all relationship structures.

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Board of Directors

HEADSHOT-jerryDirector- Jerry Schutjer- Chairperson

Jerry “Jailor” Schutjer is a staunch supporter of equal rights and relationship equality regardless of the dynamic. He’s been a member of the polyamorous communities in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia for the majority of his adult life. He’s been a staff member of the Atlanta Poly Weekend conference for the past two years, currently serving as the Director of Programming. He enjoys spending time playing music around his adopted hometown of Newnan, Georgia, and watching his Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fall.

 Joreth HeadshotDirector Joreth Innkeeper

Joreth discovered the word “polyamory” back in 1998 when it suddenly dawned on her that she was terrible at monogamy.  She has since become a poly community organizer, a poly activist, a poly advice columnist, a poly movie reviewer, a media trainer and lecturer on polyamory and intersectional topics, and a formidable internet flame warrior focusing on defending ethics and the values of polyamory and poly relationships.  Her current network configuration is that of a sprawling inclusive poly web that spans 3 countries on 2 continents, in which Joreth practices solo poly with several deeply intimate long-term partners.
Joreth‘s uses female pronouns like she and her but male titles like sir and cameraman (her profession), however male pronouns are also acceptable while female titles are not.  Her gender identity is complex, so ask her about it if you’re curious.Joreth is not everyone’s cuppa tea, but it’s guaranteed that interacting with her will be an experience!

Scarlett HeadshotDirector- Scarlett Ross

Scarlett Ross is a published author, teacher, Chatelaine and wild woman. Oglethorpe University gave her a B.A. in English Literature and the beginning of her deep appreciation for social issues and personal decisions impacting everyday life, health and happiness. As a passionate educator and lecturer, Scarlett works with REF, local charities, various conventions and private events on improving communication among people, personal development/responsibility, and the need to continually explore the possibilities of living whole, healthy lives for everyone – every kind of life imaginable. In the private sector, Scarlett is a caretaker for family and community and runs a Virtual Assistant business with intentional focus on virtually changing the way we work, accessing a dynamic and marginalized workforce, and honoring the goals of clients. Scarlett Ross is committed to building communication and relationships among people.


President-Jeremy Mullins

Vice President Billy Holder

Treasurer Stephen Culhane

Secretary Ariel Zeig

Outreach Representatives

Kitty Chambliss

Bob Ritchey

Program Coordinators

Mandee Conant, Director Atlanta Poly Weekend

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