The Relationship Equality Foundation, Inc.’s (REF) purpose is to provide outreach, education and support for those involved in or seeking relationships with non-traditional structures, and education and outreach to the general public about these relationships.

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Science behind lovestyles? Posted Dec 05, 2016 By Billy Holder

Often times we are asked, ” Are some people wired to be poly, or is it a choice?”  Well, in their book “Why We Love”

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Beyond the Love Poly Summit Posted Nov 16, 2016 By Billy Holder

Beyond the love Poly Summit was this past weekend in Columbus Ohio and we had a GREAT time. BTL2016 was attended by approximately 250 individuals

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Multi Family/POLY households take note! Posted Oct 31, 2016 By Billy Holder

We have been watching this story since it first came to light.  A zoning issue about the number of people living in a house.  This

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